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New Hydronic furnace

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Some of y'all have seen these before, but it was new to me. Luckily, I found the spec sheets and did a quick study. The Rinnai demand water heater supplies both domestic hot water and the 75,000 BTU/hr hydronic furnace, which is simply a heat exchanger and a blower fan.

The RU98i water heater has a max output of 199,000 BTU/hr and that would be a whole lot of hot water. I ran the thermostat up and the house warmed up 2 degrees in about 15 minutes. It's a one storey bungalow, about 1600 sq ft. Anyway, it works well.

Crawlspace is ok but needs some strips of carpet to finish it up, eh? [:)]

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It is a conditioned crawlspace, Bob. There are three adjustable heat registers and no vents to the outdoors.

I agree there are better products for insulating the perimeter.

I do sort of a duck-walk with my feet flat on the floor, works for me. But my client will need to crawl in hands and knees to change the filter.

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