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HI Artography - Windows in a Green Wall

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Shades of Cape Breton Isl. NS !

I hope Cape Breton is nicer. This is across the street from a recent inspection. It is an abandoned property and crack house until the city boarded it up a week ago. My client offered 65K$ to buy it so I might get to inspect it.

I was really struck by how excellent the brick work is. Notice the brick soldier relief above the windows and the rowlock relief below the window sills to give the windows and walls a nice drip edge from water. And the brick parquet under the windows? Cool.

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In Cape Breton the folks don't have a whole lot of money and the winters can be brutal and strip the paint right off a house. To brighten up their lives, they paint their houses all sorts of wild bright colors - so bright you can make them out five miles away as you approach.

OT - OF!!!


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