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Sure it's a problem. That twelve year old argument carries absolutely no weight. In fact the older it gets the better the odds are that it will fail. Wrong is wrong.

No flashing right of the batt. Driven rain doesn't care about the eave.

The brackets are not designed for the fastener that must have been used to reach the band board. If they don't reach the band I doubt it would support its own weight.

Definately not 50 psf.

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It's a narrow deck, little weight upon it. I'd write it up, explain what's wrong and how it shoulda been done but I wouldn't go so far as to recommend they do it over.

Now, if that deck gets wider elsewhere that may be a different story.


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Hardiplank doesn't have a structural rating; it shouldn't be part of the structure. When I see decks done wrong that "don't look all that bad" I try to keep in mind the housewarming party with all of their guests standing on it - a load the deck might have never been subject to yet.

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