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Hey John G,

Marc is right, but the discussion is not for the entitled! it is just an admin thing.

Your observation kinda tickles me, because you, like me, are a mature home inspector that "sees" things many other folks do not!

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Reminds me of a movie. No Country for Old Men

Woody Harrelson: I was wondering...

Drug Dealer: Yes?

Woody Harrelson: Could you validate my parking ticket?

Drug Dealer: An attempt at humor, I suppose.

Woody Harrelson: I'm sorry... You know, I counted the floors to this building from the street.

Drug Dealer: And?

Woody Harrelson: There's one missing.

Drug Dealer: We'll look into it.

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Just because you don't see all discussions isn't any reason to fret. All of TIJ has always only been visible to moderators and admin folks.

Besides the area used by moderators and admin, there are some forums here that can't be seen by non-members and lurkers; that are only visible to those who join the TIJ community. Membership has its privileges.

Additionally, I teach a class in the fall semester at North Seattle College and there' a password-protected forum here that's only used by my students.

At one time we had a private password-protected area here for a home inspection association; the idea being they could pay TIJ for a forum and have access to what TIJ has to offer in lieu of paying someone to develop a forum for them. It didn't work. We had to terminate it when certain members couldn't resist coming onto the main boards and berating some inspectors that belonged to another association and proselytizing on behalf of their association.



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