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Recycled Radiator ... ??

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That is more cool....

The size of those engines, and the maintenance it must have taken to keep them operable, is mind boggling.

Every part, custom designed, patterned, cast in foundries that must have been like Vulcan's dreams made real.

It was probably babbitt metal bearings, oil cups, and an operating engineer with a dozen oil cans.

And the buildings that housed them; architectural wonders. Pretty cool.

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Massive piston steam engines are still in use at older sugar cane mills here. Gas boilers produce the steam which first powers the engines which press the juice out of the cane, then provides the heat to process it into raw sugar. Very efficient use of energy, even by today's standards.


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Interesting place.. here are som shots.. one of the corner area where my subject property was located (included 'tower' room) and a view from tower room south to the water-works complex with active rail line (Trolleys/MBTA) alongside.. classic "HO train set" As well as the front archway.. .

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