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Unit blows out


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My son in Bellingham has a Apollo Direct venting A650NBDSLW. He has had it serviced, but it keeps getting blown out in high winds. Now the piezo is dead. I want to get parts to install for him, but do not have a manual or part numbers. Help ?


If the pilot keeps blowing out, you might have to build a small wind screen or baffle. On the other hand, the thermocouple might be going bad and making it look like the wind is at fault.

It's easy to replace both the thermocouple and the piezo at the same time. They'll be standard off-the-shelf parts, not proprietary. Any well stocked HVAC or plumbing tech should be able to replace them for you or you could get the parts from Grainger and do it yourself. Just use the numbers on the old parts to order new ones.

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