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Deck of the year!

Ben H

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Ben, I've seen structure that brings tears to the average eye, but the second pic does not show me much. I am not criticizing, I am thinking.


The lag bolt that Ben refers to, that's holding up the whole beam, I think you can see it in the second photo. Behind the romex, below the plates.


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Marc is seeing it. Look down about 4-6 inches from the top plate, and just to the left of the wires, you'll see the shinyness of the lag screw. The beam was toe-nailed into that piece of 2x10, which had a single lag installed through nothing but OSB and vinyl siding. Which of course has rotted out now. I truly do not know how the deck is still standing.

You can't see it, but the floor joist overlap this beam like you would see in a crawlspace or basement. When the beam goes, it all comes down.

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