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Rheem/Richmond XR90


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I saw a few recommendations on this forum for the XR90. I had already been interested in it, so that was one of the things that encouraged me to buy it.

I was hoping that some of the members on here could help out. Maybe hausdok can chime in, as he seems knowledgeable about this this model, and in general.

First off, I understand the importance of proper venting. Which is why I'm asking the question upfront. In reviewing the instructions it specifies b-vent. Is this necessary or will a single wall 3 inch liner work? I ask because I already have a 3" liner in my "non-external" wall chimney.

My chimney is capped at the top and the bottom and has a 3 inch (I assume single walled) liner.

Will this setup work, or is it recommended that I replace the liner with a 3 inch b-vent? The rise is nearly straight up, will be approx. 20ft length.

What I'm getting at is whether documentation just states b-vent, because in modern construction it is most common, but is it synonymous with a equivalent sized lined chimney?

Your help is much appreciated,


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Hello again,

Long story short, I didn't end up installing the water heater earlier this year as I had planned.

Intending to get it done before winter hits.

I found this, and looks like it might fit the bill, but maybe someone can chime in.

http://www.menards.com/main/heating-coo ... c-9462.htm


Looks like it is a double walled, b-vent flex pipe. So would this work running from my XR90, through the fab'd sheet metal chimney and exiting at the rooftop?

Thank you in advance.

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