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Bar counter top span


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I am having an 1 1/4" granite counter top installed on an 11' island. There are three support corbels on the face of the bar roughly 60" apart. One on each end and one in the center. The bar top is 18" by 11' and will extend out from the island 2"x4" wall roughly 11" and no more than 6" beyond each corbel. My granite folks are telling me additional supports need to be added for the bar top; however, my cabinet guy is assuring me he built the cabinets and added adequate supports for the granite. I am leaning towards going with the word of the granite folks as they have nothing to gain from me adding additional supports. Thank you for your advise.


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If the guy who built the cabinets knew you were installing granite, I'd be leaning in his direction. Who stands to lose the most here?


So, unless he's a complete knuckle head, he probably has had some experience with building cabinets sturdy enough for a chunk of rock to be installed.

Get something in writing.

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I dunno,

A few years ago I was standing in a kitchen with my client and his buddy. The client had just handed me the check and I was packing my tools and answering a few questions the client had. The buddy got tired of standing on his feet I guess; and since there wasn't any thing to sit on decided to sit on the countertop. He put both hands on the counter ledge, did a little bunny hop, hoisted himself up while turning in the air, and planted his butt on that island with his butt over the cabinets and his legs over the overhang. Suddenly there was a loud pop. We all looked down at the countertop which had cracked between his legs.

When I left, the client and the client's realtor were busy still yelling at the buddy. The supports under that overhang were about 30 inches apart. The friend had landed dead center between two of them. I was pretty happy that I'd already been paid when that happened.

If it were going to be my granite countertop I'd listen to the guy who knows what it takes to crack one of those countertops before I'd listen to the woodworker who built the cabinet.



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Hope someone checked to make sure the floor system can handle the weight of an 11' island with granite. That sucker will be heavy.

I agree. I have seen sagging floors in kitchens with large islands covered with granite. Throw in a cast iron country sink over a joist system designed by the lumber yard and the results are not pretty.

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Listen to the granite folks! This is what they do...

This is a guide that I have used several times to help me with figuring out the proper supports for granite. I have searched a bunch for guidelines and you pretty much have to go with the installers and what they recommend.

Click to Enlarge

86.14 KB

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I've uploaded the MIA Residential Stone Countertop Installation Guidelines to the file library. I've used this as a defensible standard.

https://inspectorsjournal.com/forum/Lin ... +%26+baths

The spacing of the brackets in the OP installation need to be no more than 36" apart. Cabinet guy needs to install 2 more brackets.

And, tell your friends to stay off it.

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