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Hack Work


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Well, John's bootleg most made me think - the previous owner of this house was a hack.

I don't think I have taken a switch/receptacle plate off yet that did not reveal device being held in with dry wall screws. Is it too much to keep some 6-32's around the house?

Today took the cake. We got a new dishwasher which was delivered today. I killed the power and the delivery guy started his work. He immediately said what the heck (different word[:-censore) is this while disconnecting the electric.

Once the old unit was pulled out more wonderful work was shown.

The NM-B feeding the dishwasher was apparently too short so he spliced a length of UF-B on to it. Unfortunately, all he did was throw on wire nuts and wrap the whole thing in black tape. Too add insult to injury, the ground wasn't hooked up.....

He must have purchased a huge roll of this UF-B when he installed post lamps on both sides of the driveway. The left-over wire I'm finding being used everywhere in the house!

It took me all of five minutes to install a proper junction box that is not burried - Why couldn't he?

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