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Footage of Fat Man bombing

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I am at once mesmerized by the casual attire and attitude of the soldiers then mortified at the glimpse of the cloud, knowing full well it is comprised of 70,000 people.

My father was stationed on Tinian. It was a treat to see what he saw 65 years ago.

I have a cool pic of a car he built there- I'll try to find it.... found it

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I spent a lot of years in the Pacific and particularly Japan during which time I read a lot of books on WWII history written by both Japanese and Americans. Two books that come to mind that relate somewhat to this thread and I highly recommend are:

1. ?Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse, which is a very famous novel in Japan and required reading in school. It is based on diaries and first hand interviews of survivors of Hiroshima. In fact my 16 old son (who is half Japanese) just started reading it for a book report due in his history class.

2. The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis by Dan Kurzman. The Indianapolis was the ship that carried the 2 atomic bombs from California to Tinian and was then sunk by a torpedo on its way to Pearl Harbor, but no one knew it was sank and rescue did not come for the 900 men for many days. Many of the men were eaten by sharks.

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