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Road kill for dinner

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The only thing odd is that it hasn't been cleaned.

The organs need to be removed quickly.

Last halloween, parents following a small group of kids stopped for a chat on our driveway. Somehow, the topic changed to a runover squirrel that the wife and I saw less than half an hour previous while walking our dogs. The guy barked WHERE??? No doubt he picked it up. Common thing around here.


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Speaking of taxidermy, I had this guy looking over my shoulder one day. I felt kinda sorry for him, a skinny yearling, turfed out by his mom and looking for a new home.

Now his stuffed corpse is out of a home, too.

I've never had a grizzly close encounter, but I used to see young black bears a lot. They get lonesome and will come right up to you if you're trekking through the bush.

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