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IPAD APP whats the best

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I know some guy's that use the iPad. When you watch them inspecting, it's very apparent that large deference is applied to the equipment; you can see them operating within the equipment's boundaries. When I was walking around with my iPad, I was always thinking about the iPad, not what I was looking at. It's a distraction.

A distraction that could cost them everything.

What's the hurry? Are you convinced that speed trumps accuracy?

Are you so busy that speed of delivery, or lack there of, might cost you referrals?

The future of reporting?

You should take a peek at the poll taken a few uh, a while back, about instant delivery of a report. As I recall, the future is in taking one's time and delivering the best report one can generate. Regardless of the time involved in researching for the correct answer. Forwarding addendums after the client has signed off, is no help to them.

Figure out who you want to work for. If it's not 100% for your clients, seek counseling elsewhere.

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The examination of the house and collection of data and photos is only half the service that we sell. Writing the report is the other half.

Kurt touches upon a concept seldom acknowledged: Inspection equipment of any sort, checklists and boilerplate all tend to distract us from the job at hand.


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