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Plywood air handler

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No questions, just basic entertainment.

The house is an odd split level design with two bedrooms at a lower level.

Air is drawn down the stud cavity behind the woodstove to this plywood box and then blown to 4 other locations in the house.

I called for some wiring repair. The belt looks like it is ready to put an end to this experiment. But the theory is valid and the wood keeps the noise down.

Pic 5 is heat relays. 3 electric fan heaters come on in sequence, about 5 minutes for each heater. The fans should last 3 times longer, but if a relay goes haywire, I don't know if anyone alive can figure it out to fix it. [:)]

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gotta give em a C for creativity, but not for the dryer vent terminating in the plastic box...have seen these plastic boxes where they are readily accessible, but the crawl?

Down south the plywood in the crawl would be termite bait.

That dryer hose thing is a ventilator for the crawl. Bath fan in the box. Another goofy add-on.

I can picture the poor little termites attacking the box and getting blown out through the vent pipes when the fan comes on. [:)]

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"...That dryer hose thing is a ventilator for the crawl. Bath fan in the box. Another goofy add-on..."

Wow, you mean they pull the crawl air up to the laundry?...or does it go out the roof?

I have actually seen colognes that were developed to smell like a locker room...just depends on what you like.

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Recycling the heated air from the wood stove in a great idea. Albeit not a wooden box, I put two air handling systems in my home. One from the third floor cathedral ceiling of each room to the outside (for the summer) and another from the same ceilings to the first floor (for the winter). Both with inline fans on thermostats.

Actually, this will be the first year with the system operational, so the true test will be when I can compare the electric bill to the savings on the gas bill.

I think on the box shown, the motor may be as efficient as a smaller motor geared properly.

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That crawlspace exhaust fan blows outside thru the wall. It is seldom a great idea to have negative pressure in the crawlspace, so I hope the new owners use that feature wisely.

Steven, I think you meant to say a smaller fan motor such as your inline fans would be more efficient?

My son's new house, an old guy's old house, has a gas stove in the basement with a metal hood mounted on the ceiling above it. Heated air is funneled by convection into the return air ducts, heating 3 rooms on the floor above. It worked very well for them when the furnace stopped working between Xmas and New Years.

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