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Any one know where I can get sample reports from?

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I have a 2 day on-site field study for my inspection class. 4 inspections and I'm in need of a hardcopy report form(at least 4). Just found out Tuesday night we'd need the forms. Can't get anything recieved by tomorrow if I order either. (class is Sat. at 8)I could recreate a form from a demo I have but alas I use a Mac and can't run the demo in the first place.

Added to that delima, I've got $100s of tools to pick up as well. I'd prefer not to have to blow $80 or more on "practice forms".

I had been planning on creating my own forms and using software but I'm new to this and haven't even evaluated that part of things so far.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Go to the 'resources' tab above and then choose 'downloads' from the dropdown. Once on the downloads page, scroll down to the "Residential Rehabilitation Inspection Guide" by HUD, open it and scroll to Appendix E. It's a hard copy report. Not the format that most commercial companies who produce those lousy hardcopy checklist reports, but it'll work if need be.

If you're new to the business and have a good fast printer, you should print out that whole book. It's a pretty thorough basic reference and very helpful for new folks.



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