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If you would like to watch any of the events with a Canadian commentary, sorry about that, CBC.com has coverage of the entire 2 weeks.

That is our tax dollars at work, the good old CBC. They paid big bucks for the rights.

I recommend Men's Curling, the final against Great Britain. Go to the 8th end and just watch that for 10 mins. Curling is billiards on ice with rocks.

4-man bobsled, watch the Canadian 3rd team roll the sled and do the track on their helmets.

2-man bobsled, qualifying runs, the Jamaicans were fun to watch. They painted their helmets to look like watermellons.

Hockey, watch the Women's game, Canada against the US.

Watch Canada men's team almost lose to Latvia.

Biathalon, watch any of the events. Singles, Mass starts, Relays, all good, dominated by the Scandinavians and Germany. Cross country skiing with rifles.

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Don Cherry was there as a guest to add some color, but was not employed AFAIK.

I think a lot of good hockey players save themselves for the NHL. They can get injured and be out for the rest of the NHL season.

The Olympic team gets one chance in each game to advance. They can lose by a fluke shot, puck hits the post, it bounces in, it bounces out.

The Canadian women's team get toughened up by playing in the men's junior leagues. And they have an excellent coaching staff.

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That might just be the end of that run. Think about how some others have been forbidden to participate in risky behavior away from their contracted sport.

These owners depend on the revenue generated by their players being healthy. These guys sell a lot of tickets and hotdogs.

The owners can't risk taking a chance on losing a championship because the property they own and built a franchise around is suddenly out of service, forcing them to start at square 1.

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