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Stamped concrete problems, pictures now attached.


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I hired a concrete contractor that specializes in flatwork to do a front entry stamped walk approx. 225 sq.ft. After the pour and stamping there were noticeable foot impressions in the center of the walk going from one end to the other...the finished surface appeared lumpy because of the impressions.

I spoke to the contractor the next day, and in essence told him this is not what I expected and it was unacceptable. He agreed to break it up and redo it.

The next pour still had footprints in it, although fewer in number than the first pour. There are two sections that look perfect, and other areas have these birdbaths that hold at least 1/4" of water after a rain or snow melt, and some of the biggest ones are right in front of the entry steps.

I maintain that this is still unacceptable, and have not paid him yet. My reasoning is that if he agreed to do it over because of the footprints the first time, then why should I accept the redone slab that still has foot depressions in it, although less than last pour.

He had admitted that it wasn't his best job, but now says it is done according to industry standards. He actually told the homeowner that you need to expect this with stamped concrete.

I am looking for some opinions on my expectations should be, and if I am being to critical. I will post some pictures but have to reduce their size first...too many mb's.

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I have a 12' x 40' patio of stamped concrete. No low spots or foot prints.

I have a stamped concrete walkway 60' with a 12' x 12' apron at the entry door. No low spots or footprints.

If you Google Stamped Concrete Associations you will get a number of sources to find out what the standards are.

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Can you live with the patio? If so, ask for a big discount and use the saved money for something else. You can both go your separate ways and move on to other worries.

Steven has good advice.

I had a guy help me with an 18" wide border for my paver patio. It was hot, really hot, and I was glad when I finished edging my side because the concrete was going off- ten yards of 18 inch border. I stood up to make sure my helper was OK and to help him if he was behind because things were getting pretty stiff to work.

He had completed about 6 feet of his 60 feet and even that needed to be redone. Apparently his skill set wasn't as good as what I'd been led to believe. 6 years later I learned that a few potted plants can do wonders. But, it was at last two years until I didn't feel compelled to say, " I didn't do that part." It'd be much easier to look at the flaw and say " that depression saved me enough to buy this grill."

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I have been battling a contractor for 3 months about just what exactly industry standard is.... I finally wrote a blog. This gave me a place to put all of the images and thoughts in one place. Sharing it with the supplier to my contractor has been beneficial. They were able to identify some of the problems with the install. http://www.stampedconcretepatiova.com/

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