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speaking of grout

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We were talking about grout in another thread and I thought I'd share this latest project.

Our house never had a fireplace. We're pretty sure it had small coal burners in most rooms until 1900ish when they installed a gravity system with a coal burning furnace in the basement.

Only one of the 4 chimneys is still around.

A friend of mine works in commercial construction and they were doing an interior demo on a local landmark hotel called the Strathallen. This fireplace was destined for the dump but he took a half day off to use a more surgical approach than a skidsteer can provide.

We bought the surround from him ( the mantle is in another room waiting to be installed.) There's also an iron insert and summer door. the marble is from 1830, the iron is patented 1853. It came in 23 pieces and I spent some time using epoxies and and thinset putting it back together.

We'll use a vent free coal burning gas basket. I know the down side to vent free appliances, save your breath.

I'll post pictures when it's done.

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33.38 KB

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Pretty nice. Good job on the herringbone hearth.

Have you driven your wife completely crazy yet? Close?

Real close. My wife is awesome. I know because I see her pouring over "small house" plans and I hear the occasional sigh.

Windows are restored, wiring is done, plumbing is done, walls and ceilings are done and skim coated. Moldings are either stripped or replaced with exact replicas. Doors are stripped and grained. Really, for the downstairs

all that's left is paint, wallpaper and graining.

The upstairs is completely done, the kitchen is done, we added three full baths. This year we should be having a big-ass party. I'll let everyone know.

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