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Sculpin SS-191 Nov 1943

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I was just perusing the web about this WW2 sub and it's loss day before yesterday. My father-in-law's friend Joe Baker was a survivor, POW in Japan as a result of this episode in WW2 USN History. I put on Das Boot (Famous U-Boat movie) last nite and remarked to my wife how 'Joe" was depth-charged over 50 times.. (Joe Baker died about a year ago). She of course cares ZERO about this.. ( :) ) I drift-off after supper.. phone rings.. it's Joe Baker's wife..she never calls us.... She wanted to give me a book about Joe's "sub". I had put some web-search stuff together for him a few years ago ... He told me he joined the Navy ".. to see some action.. and BOY..., Did I! "

Very odd nite.. Never forget our WW2 guys.. OK.. I digress and 'back to work!!


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Rob, have you seen the book U-Boat War, by the author of the novel Das Boot, Lothar Gunther Buchheim? While the mission in the movie was fictional, Lt. Werner was not. In real life it was Bucheim, who in 1942, went on a mission in U-96 as an official photographer. The book contains his narration of the trip, along with several hundred photographs. It's absolutely amazing and is one of my favorite books.

http://www.amazon.com/U-Boat-War-Lothar ... 0517606712

I found some pictures of the book pages online: http://nester.smugmug.com/Other/U-Boot/ ... &k=WZfdk6r

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I have not seen those books yet.. .. but hopefully I'll get to them.. . I'm currently reading "Ivan's War" (a must read.. the details of life of the Soviet soldier in WW2... "very very bad")

The book Joe's wife gave me is a book-gift to Joe from a fellow Navy submariner.. "Shinano" It says on the frontspiece: "

"To Joe Baker USS 191 (Sculpin)

From one submariner to another in memory of our shipmates and in memory of those who were lost. Joe Enright"

Joe Enright (Dover, MA) was Capt of submarine SS-311 Archer Fish He wrote this book about sinking IJN "Shinano" a huge carrier.. Dover is next town over from here.. I have no idea if this guy is still alive..

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