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Different looking debris

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I'm not familiar with this debris.

All wood around the areas probed solid. Everything dry. No exit/entry holes--just this stuff.

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However. . . right outside this area, the old cedar siding is severely rotted. No evidence of bugs in the siding either. Just rot.

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Any ideas what this could be?

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My guess is sawdust.

Drywood termites leave fecal pellets, not dust.

I have found similar debris from ants on monolithic slabs, but never on crawl spaces or supported slabs.

Most ant infestations like this would usually include ant body parts, especially carpenter ants.

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It's carpenter ant debris. Look at the fibers - tiny thin fibers pulled away individually by ants and then discarded away from their nest. They like to keep their galleries clean. Once found enough of that to fill a wheelbarrow. Ants had hollowed out the rough framing sill below a south-facing window and turned it into a n incubator for their egg sacs.



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Typically, when I see this much debris, there are dead ants or body parts or something.

There were no fecal pellets.

The home has basically been untouched for years so construction debris is out of the question.

I'm going with carpenter ants, 'cuz it's got to be something! Regardless a PCO has to treat the attic for carpenter ants anyway - that debris was much more "recognizable." I'll write they need to look at the crawl space also and treat there.

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