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Insurance Inspections

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Is anyone familiar with these companies and the type insurance inspections they do. A friend asked me about this and I told him I would ask around.

-National Insurance Inspection Services

-Seer Insurance Inspections


Thanks in advance for any information.

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They don't want real inspectors.

My insurance company sent one to my house and were going to drop me because of his "findings"; a piece of missing siding-the required gap between the low slope bay roof and wood siding, and rotted wood on my basement bulkhead door-the holes are small enough to keep out all but the toads.

He missed a rotten step to my front porch that he was standing right next to when he photographed the missing siding, and a swimming pool that my insurer doesn't know I have.

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Bill, I have not heard of any... As other have said they do not pay much of anything.

Last year while I was inspecting a new construction home the insurance inspector arrived to do his job. 2500sf very nice high end home.....

The insurance guy measured each room, measured the outside of the home and the lot. He counted every light fixture, wall switch and outlets.

I arrived at 9am he arrived around 9:30 am. I finished at 11:30 am and he was following me out the door! My fee was $400 he told me his fee was $45. You do the math!

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National insurance inspection services are a decent company to work for. Work is regular though in low volume in rochester ny. Pay is fair, but the price goes up for distance traveled. They reports are easy to fill out. I 'll never make a living off them alone. But we all work for multiple companies. I would recommend them.

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