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What company made this siding?


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Hello friends,

My girlfriend recently purchased a house. Its siding was installed approx 12 yrs ago. It's an engineered wood fiber siding. It has no cement fiber or OSB in it.

The problem with it: Its falling apart. Cracking, shrinking, warping, had taken in moisture. Some areas are bulged and looked pregnant. [:-bigmout

I don't know if I should send the house to the ER for delivery or admire the beauty of its "character".

Anyways, I had uploaded a picture of the knot if anyone here can identify the make/ manufacturer. I will post more pics as soon as I can get my USB stick working again.

Thanks in advance..


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Looks a lot like LP, but 12 yrs ago seems a little late. Maybe some got left in surplus somewhere. I have seen this stuff in condition of being able to hit it with your fist and have it fall in pieces.

I once wrote a little repair job for a client where the contractor only replaced the damaged parts. If you keep this stuff well-painted it can last a long time.

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