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serious step cracking in brick mortar?

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Cracks don't cause foundation problems; foundation problems cause cracks.

Where's it at, how old's the building, what's going on inside that's visible, is there a driveway or alley adjacent, etc., etc.

A close up of a crack doesn't tell us anything. Give us an establishing shot and some background details.

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the house was built in early 1940's, theres no driveway or alley adjacent, its located at the bottom side wall of the house and starts at five inches from the corner of the house. I'm not aware of anything visible inside the home.

The cracking is either a result of brick expansion (though such normally produces a near-vertical crack), or from foundation movement below. Either way, patch the crack if it bothers you, and go have an adult beverage if you're so inclined.

I suspect it's from foundation movement, though, and such movement usually continues as soil moisture content changes. That said, the rate of movement is usually akin to icing sliding off a cake; takes years & years.

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Yes. No seismic activity here (not yet anyway). Someone goofed 100 years ago and it's like the foundation shifted. I see it from time to time. I wouldn't get too worked up about it.

Or, you could call Pate & Sons and have them pin support the foundation for about $50,000.

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Hello everyone wondering if these are some serious mortar cracks that can cause foundation issues and huge money problems or just need minor repair.its on the outside of the house. any kinda help would be much appreciated Thank you so much

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It always helps to know when the cracks occurred. If they are relatively new, this could be a concern since it looks like the foundation may be settling. If the cracks have been there 10 years, then I am not too concerned. If you do not know, then neatly patch the cracks with mortar and see what happens over time.

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