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Four Breakers - One Neutral

Mike Lamb

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Shouldn't be pigtailed in the gutter. And I'm not so sure that a common gutter is kosher either.

I had one similar to that two days ago:

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70.23 KB

All the neutrals and egc's are grouped together in a box on the other side of that wall.


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I just had this type of issue on a commercial structure.

I had multiple panels with 4 times as many hots from individual breakers (not 240 volt) than the number of neutrals.

I can't quote chapter and verse, but I see the problem as the possibility of overloading the neutrals if splicing neutrals together and using the same size wire to the neutral bar. If there are 4 20 amp breakers, there could be 80 amps returning on the single #12 neutral wire. There is the possibility of multi-wire circuits but also the probability that it is not.

Also, there is also the requirement that all wires in the circuit originate from the same panel board. (or something to that effect)

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You guys are right to be concerned here. Yes the code allows a common neutral for a multi-wire circuit, but this is not a multi-wire circuit. There should be a neutral for each circuit that originates in the main panel. As noted above the neutral can easily be overloaded and cause all kinds of problems if it fails.

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