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100 Amp main disconnect FRIED!

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Any ideas what would cause this, other than a loose connection.

There was a 200 Amp Main panel and this 100 Amp Main Panel, both fed direct from the meter. The only thing the 100 amp panel served was the heat pump.

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Is that a neutral conductor or a GEC that is blown apart in the bottom right of the panel? If it is a neutral conductor from the heat pump would the higher resistance on the left line created a load imbalance that would have over loaded a down sized neutral? If it is a GEC, a voltage surge?

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I see three service entrance conductors inside conduit coming into the rear of the box - no cable there.

At the bottom of the box, an SE cable runs to the heat pump. The heat pump requires no neutral, so the braid is being used as an equipment grounding conductor.

A jumper runs from the neutral terminal to the accessory grounding terminal bar. The only function of this accessory bar seems to be to accommodate the sideways J-shaped wire that goes to the bonding bushing.

I don't see any grounding electrode conductor, which I would have expected to see.

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