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Another Steam Boiler Oddity

Neal Lewis

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A new steam boiler has a flexible water supply hose directly attached to the pigtail under the pressuretrol. When I first looked at I did a WTF? Actually, a great idea to flush out the pigtail. I know the pigtail on my boiler gets clogged about every three years, which then shuts down the system. Doesn't matter if it's brass or steel; it just gets clogged.

But, could the water flush be bad for the gauge or pressuretrol?

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I've been told by my boiler guy the pressuretrol is isolated from the steam some way or another with that little circular thing under the 'trol. Flushing may or may not do anything. Pigtails disappeared with the new hardware.

I take mine apart; cleaning's easier that way. I've found that flushing doesn't really get stuff as clean as it should be. I also dismantle my low water cutoff float in the Spring; that thing gets caked with rust and flushing doesn't necessarily do anything.

If someone wants to flush, I don't see the harm, but I don't think there's a benefit either.

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