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fun, furniture, fumes and fenestration


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this job is great. Today it was an old furniture factory along with the ghosts of workers, lumber and noise. The smell of rotting wood and shellac hung like a cloud on the inside of the building.

I got to look at the old sawdust boilers, waste wood burner, belts and pulleys, elevators and lots of brickwork.

The warehouse had several hundred new damp/wet mattresses and maybe couple hundred wood desks.

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well I gotta be a little careful as to location for a few days. The boiler was in a 20' x 30' room that was configured exactly like a Sicilian bread oven with all the arches. for some reason most of those photos didn't look that good and the potential buyer was hesitant for me to do more photos.?

the floor on the first photo was caked with abt 3/4" shellac in many areas and the other areas were layered with varnish. we spent abt an hour tracking down various evidence of past fires; small ones by old machinery. Sadly all the machines were gone (stolen).

Smoke stacks, chimneys, pits, holes, rot, mushrooms, water, rats, bugs, friable asbestos, lead, urea, mold/mildew, burned beams, missing joists, mud, blood and beer - all the elements of a good inspection!

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