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Wire on Tub Drain?


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Well crap, I never connected those dots.

That's exactly how the drain stopper operated. Turn the knob at the overflow to open and close the drain stopper. Seen many of those but this is the first I was able to see the underside of the tub and the wire.

And, in time to put it in the report before I leave for today's inspections.

Thanks for the eye opening dot connection, Kurt.

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That dial-cable driven device is just asking for someone to strip the gears on the dial end or shear a set screw or torsion fail the shaft on the dial end when that someone in the tub sees/hears the tub leaking their (or their child's) nice, hot water down the drain. At least when the old lever type is in the down position, the worst the Gorilla arm is likely to do is to snap off the lever.

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