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Marketing with Pinterest

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I think this is a crazy idea but I would like to hear from some people who may know more than I do. My son swears Pinterest is the new big think in social media marketing although there seems to be a new big thing about every week or two. But he says we should start a Pinterest page with graphics, pictures, etc., etc. Looks to me like Pinterest is all recipes, I don't see how it would help much with what we do. Has anyone here ever tried Pinterest? I look at it and I just don't get it. Maybe if I was a chef or something. I just want to inspect houses and do what I love. Hate the marketing part of it. I promised my son I would seek out some expert advice though!

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Yeah that's exactly what my wife says! Just don't want him to waste time on something that won't work when there are other things that will work. But it probably can't hurt. I resist what I don't understand lol!

He's willing. Give him some pictures and turn him loose.

Can't hurt nothing. May even help a bit.

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