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Wooden chimney chase


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any idea how a homeowner can inspect a 2 story chimney chase to detect failure of the metal /galvanized top of the chase. leaks into the inside of the chase are hard to detect as you cant get into the chase.

what can you do, just a visual of the top to check for holes from rust? chases need access doors to allow inspection.

Maybe I need to hire someone with a long ladder

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I'd get a good sheet metal guy out there and simply have them spec out replacing the cap. They'll bring the ladder.

I look at a >hundred screwed up metal crowns every year. Everyone just wraps them and they "oilcan" up and down creating ponds. You want a good sheet metal cap that's "broken" to pitch and drain. We get them fabricated at a CNC shop for about $250.

Forget the inspection; just move to getting it right. Cheaper and easier. Also, >1/2 the guys getting up there to "fix" it are just going to goob it up with caulk. Caulk is not a fix.

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