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you never know who might drive by

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Some Batmobile trivia for y'all. 10 mins of Googling reveals that:

The first Bat car was a red 1940's coupe. The cartoon isn't specific, but it should have been a big 12 cylinder Lincoln.

The original TV Batmobile was built in Italy in 1955, the Lincoln Futura.

They say George Barris bought the Futura for $1, and had it sitting in storage when the order came in for a Batmobile, with 3 weeks to get it done.

The show was a HIT so they POPped 3 more from the Futura molds.

Fiberglass made it all possible.

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Actually the Green Hornet car was built by Dean Jeffries, who also was builder of the Monkeemobile. It would seem that Barris's wild imagination made him the creator of all kinds of stuff. [:)]

" Motor Trend Classic: There seems to be some confusion. Was it you or George Barris who designed and built the TV car for the Monkees, the Monkeemobile?

Jeffries: That's one of many bad spots in regards to that man. He sure does take credit, but he had nothing to do with it. I made the car. Every bit of it. He also says he made the Green Hornet's car, still does to this day. He puts his name on a lot of things he had nothing at all to do with."

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Mr Jeffries passed away last year at the age of 80.

Another interesting bit of trivia.

"Jeffries worked on the design and initial fabrication for the Batmobile (for the 1966 Batman TV series), but when the studio wanted the car sooner than he could deliver, he turned the project over to George Barris who hired Bill Cushenbery to perform the fabrication work." The guy in the B+W pic of the batmobile is Bill C., so that part was not fabricated. [:)]

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