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Who needs underlayment?

Tom Raymond

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1854 house with an original dormer over the stairs, 2x4 rafters, no insulation, original plaster ceiling, 7-10 year old 3 tab roof cover. Pitch was approaching 1.5/12. I have seen wheel chair ramps that were steeper.

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Nice job staggering the breaks.

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Plywood covered with the remnants of the BUR the shingles replaced. I can't believe that emulsion is enough to keep this thing from leaking-we had rain for days prior to the inspection, including a whopper of a thunderstorm. I told my client to expect a leak any minute.

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Actually, the roof on one of the additions to my house looks almost exactly like this except that I have felt.

It has a small leak but I actually think it is because some of the old OSB sheathing between 2x4 rafters has sunken a little causing a "flat" area that may be pooling.

What do you gentlemen think of the *new to me* waterproofing layers?

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