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Safety glass ?


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It's less than 9 sf but the bottom sash is too close to the floor and should be tempered. If this is still your single wide it won't be.

If there is not a bug you can look for ripples in the glass to tell if it's tempered.

I believe the typical code requirement (IRC) for tempered glass includes distance from the floor and glass area, not either or. If the sill is closer than 18 inches and the glass area is less than 9 sf it would not require tempered glass.

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Must meet all 4 conditions to require safety glass.

IRC 308.3 & .4

Greater than 9 sq feet

Lower edge less than 18 to the floor,

Upper edge greater than 36 inches above the walking surface

& within 36 inches horizontal of walking surface.

If only meets three conditions, not required. Probably still a good idea but not required.

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