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photo needed csst


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The CSST is bonded by the connection to the steel. There is not an additional bond to the CSST.

The NEC doesn't require it but the CSST manufacturer's do. (Except with the new fancy CSST.)

I think what was meant is that CSST tubing is NOT bonded DIRECTLY but is bonded by bonding a section of regular pipe to which the CSST is attached. The point being that the manufacturers specifically forbid trying to bond CSST itself. Any bonding is done at the iron pipe or fittings designed for the purpose (never have seen those yet).

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It's my understanding you can take the bonding point to the nut of the CSST, just not the tubing itself. I did mine right as the black iron pipe enters the house. I then checked the resistance with my meter between the nut of the CSST and the bond point and it was less than a couple ohms. Seems to me there is no difference in my house.

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