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bit of a surprise today

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There was a chopper flying back and forth around the neighborhood at my inspection today. That was when I was on the roof. I come off the roof and go into the crawlspace. 2' high hatch at grade level with a 3' high crawl. I go in and leave the hinged hatch open. While checking one of the vents to see if it would open, I look out and up through the yard comes a cop on foot with a K9 followed by two more cops carrying M16's. I thought they were gonna send the dog into the crawl after me. I hunkered down behind the center pier wondering whether I should call out or not. Kinda scary for a minute there.

It turns out there was an armed robbery attempt one street over and they were hunting for the suspect. Luckily the buyer was nearby in the back yard and told them I was in the crawl. They stood near the corner of the house not far from the crawl access. Eventually I called out announcing my intent to emerge. "hold that dog real good now" Yikes!!

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Around ten years ago when I lived in MS I had an inspection at a rural property, it was a vacation home that was vacant eight months out of the year. Fast forward.... I'm looking out the second floor window and two Sheriff's cars pull up and the four sworn deputy sheriffs get out with shotguns in hand..... It was an oh "shoot" moment! All I could do was start yelling that I was in the home and I'm a home inspector. Not that my truck with signs and the 30' ladder did not give that away.

All ended well, but I swear that one of the deputy's had a bullet in his shirt pocket!

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