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Strange one.

Robert Jones

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Could it be a bacteria issue with the branch line feeding the shower head?

Doubt it. My guess is the current anode is having a bad reaction to the water. That chemical reaction is causing the smell. Changing from magnesium to AL anode or whatever may make a difference. I had this problem with a brand new elec WH at my summer home.

After some discussion and research we removed the anode altogether 3 yrs ago and smell stopped immediately. The warranty is voided and allegedly the tank will deteriorate quicker. We will see,

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The smell is only at the one shower, not the whole house?

That's what he said, "strange one (1)".

Maybe the fine spray vaporized the odorous gas better than the flushing toilet. I have a valid excuse for bad smells - allergies, constant sneezing, can't smell nuthin. [:)]

I think the vaporizing might be the explanation. Try running water there with the shower head removed.

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That's funny. My client, the wife half any way, was the first to go in there when the smell began(I had the shower going while I checked the rest of the room). I came around the corner, and she looked mortified. I gave her a look that was like "is that you", and you could just see her scrambling to explain that it wasn't. Very funny.

Anyway, there was a hallway bathroom and no odor from any of the faucets.

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