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Printed reports

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Have not sent a paper copy in 8+ years.

At the time those were delivered it was due to client living on local hotel, waiting on house to close and get moved in. He did not have printer access, etc..

All very short timeline.

If I had to deliver via paper I likely would not charge.

I don't nickel/dime my clients for 'things'. One price for project (IE: inspection) and sometimes I get caught with a sprinkler system that has 25+ zones on a large parcel of land, but I've already quoted a fee to cover the usually 5-6K s.f. house sitting on that land.

Down here most sprinkler systems are 6-zones and I don't charge 'extra' for them. A lot of HIs charge for every little item. The larger systems 12+ zones and more just consume time, but not worth the effort (my view) with the client.

Sprinkler systems are only one item that came to mind for this reply.

I feel the homebuyers have enough going on ... they don't need to hear from me that checking such is extra or similar.

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Do any of you mail printed copies (in addition to e mail) of your reports to the client?

Sure, once or twice a year I get customers who request hard copies for whatever reason. Our office manager usually does the sending, but the last time she was on vacation so I had to do it myself. I actually had to go to Kinkos to print the damn thing.

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