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Lime Stone House

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This was a house I inspected in April on the south side in Beverly Hills and I meant to post pics. This is a smooth 4" lime stone exterior. It is unique. I am guessing 1920's and have not seen another house like it.

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That's definitely a cool one.

Beverly 'hood has a lot of amazing stuff like that. Actually, all of Chicago does. For most of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Chicago was the fastest growing city on Earth, and a locus of wealth creation not seen before that time.

The difference between here and everywhere else is we had the Euro craftsmen that had been apprenticing since early childhood at all the old Beaux Arts trades. Most folks don't know that Ludowici had a factory here; got burnt out in the Depression.

Most of the Terra Cotta that built all those incredible little jewel box midwestern banks came out of Chicago. Northwestern Terra Cotta factory is a bunch of dipsquat condos now.....

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