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And this guy DID get an inspection.

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Sounds more like the new owner is playing a numbers game. Like he's trying to achieve the highest number of 'issues found', taking leave of common sense towards that end.

The HI who did this inspection is in a poor position to write off his poor performance as due to the 'visual only' characteristic of his inspection.


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Like most inspectors, when I read one of these articles I find myself asking how many of the significant defects I would've caught (or missed).

In this case, most of the really significant defects were not discovered until the drywall was opened, and most of the easily visible defects, if reported pro forma, would not be of much help to a buyer making a purchasing decision.


IMO, the real question at these flippers is how to report what you cannot see, but strongly suspect: that a lot of the *visible* work is substandard and was likely never permitted or inspected, and there may be a lot more of the same which can *not* be discovered during your inspection.

And IMO about all you can do is include an explanation of the fact that "when you are buying this property you are 'buying' the responsibility for any existing 'invisible' code violations", and document sufficient number of visible defects to justify expressing a high level of concern that this will prove to be a real problem down the road.

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I feel for this guy, having a job and having second full time job repairing a 'newly renovated' house. Some of the things trouble me; continually finding more electrical problems, more HVAC problems after significant work done. At one point do you strip it to the framing and ensure that all troubles are found, all new work is up to par. How does HVAC work get 'redone' yet the dining room still has no heat?

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