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Combo home railroad trestle

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yesterdays inspection, 40 years old in snow country.

beside the obvious most of footings were not below frost line that I could tell. No evidence of movement though. Wood structure mostly nailed together, few lags or bolts... told them to get structural engineer to evaluate and offer remedies before closing.

great place from the deck up!

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Snow piles up around the posts and helps to keep everything straight. [:)]

I think the builder knew what he was doing 40 years ago, but good call on your part.

I couldn't resist posting pics of the largest wood structure in the Northern Hemisphere, the Kinsol Trestle over the Koksilah River, South Vancouver Island. All repaired now with a plank deck and metal guard rails and thousands of lag bolts. The old railway bed is now a cycling trail.

It was built to haul mostly logs by rail but was named after the King Solomon Silver Mine, which is nearby. We used to walk the tracks, no guard rails, and crawl around in the old mine with matches for light, dumb kids.

Anyway, the resemblance is there, plenty of diagonal braces.

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