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Stucco panel identification


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It *looks* like fiber cement, but I had a hard time believing that a FC product could deteriorate as fast as the material in the third picture, even with that Cat IV exhaust directed onto it. But I guess if it was cheap-ass *enough*...

If it wasn't fibercement, then look at Abtco's hardboard panel siding. They make one that looks like that.

http://www.beyerslumber.com/roofing-and ... ling-abtco

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Not the place I'm thinking of.....

Hardipanel has an "H" channel to hold the panels; it's not flashing necessarily, but it's a channel.

Architectural panels like this should have a treated edge intended for exposure, a 1/4 inch (or so) gap, and and (of course) a drainage plane. Dupont had a Tyvek product, black, that was a housewrap intended for use under panels. When you butt the panels, bad things happen, as we can see.

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