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Anyone seen this before?


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2x's stacked vertical for the perimeter walls, with lots of powder post holes it seems.

2x's horizontal for interior walls.

2x's horizontal for beams in the crawl, with lots of powder post holes.

I've never seen this type of construction before. Second story add on, which had conventional framing.

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That is odd.

As for the beetle holes in the first pic, the infestation was probably in that piece of wood when it was constructed. I think it's unlikely the beetles would infest that piece and leave the others on either side alone. The beetles will re infest in later cycles. If the holes are more uniform across multiple pieces in other places, those are probably from a re infestation which happened after the initial construction.

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Built in Eureka in the 70's by an aging Beatnik surfer dude?

I have seen a few 2x4 floors but that guy was extreme.

I wouldn't let anyone I know buy that for the fulll premium cost of a standard frame house. It is substandard construction and I'm afraid I would report it thus. [:)]

The burning question is why didn't he build a geodesic dome with all those offcuts? More nails than know-how, I guess. [:)]

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Somebody had access (likely free) to a lot of 2X non-kiln-dried, likely non graded/stamped lumber and got really creative with uses.

I put some #1 pine common (not select) flooring in my master suite addition, and 10-15 yrs later little worms emerged in a few places. My pest control contractor looked, and said forgeddaboutit. Not a big deal. I assume that the common was not kiln-dried.

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