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Jim Katen

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Maybe they just blast that awful soundtrack until the mold runs away.

I second the bleach. When I worked at the log home mill we would routinely bleach old stock to make it look less old. 1:1 household bleach and water. PPE was a scrub brush on a long handle and a spot in the yard far away from the shop doors.

That is way stronger than Clorox though. Probably concentrated liquid pool chlorine; $6 for two gallons at Walmart. Nasty stuff. I open my pool with that two gallon kit. 15,000 gallons from green and slimy to sparkling clear in less than 30 minutes.

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Clorox is usually 6% hyphchlorite. That's plenty strong enough to whiten any wood product quickly.

I use a 50/50 solution of Clorox to remove stains on my cutting boards. Leave it on for too long and it'll eat cellulose, leaving the wood fibers hanging loose.

That breathing apparatus he's wearing - do any of them stop chlorine? Looks dangerous.


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