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I literally never see this stuff, until today. Bunch of pics showing stuff that can't be right.

I couldn't find a link at the LP site, so any opinions welcome.

Window sills all back pitch to the house.

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49.79 KB

Siding smashed down onto flashing and sidewalk.

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44.42 KB

I could go on with a dozen different conditions like these; contact with sidewalks, no flashing, lots of caulk, sills don't drain, and the sorts of stuff Hardibacker can't handle so I don't think this stuff will.

Anyone got a link for LP installation spec's.?

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...never saw anyone use it for a casing headpiece, though I saw a whole lot of cute little horizontal header wood pieces held up with something like molded casing, which almost all tilted wrong way...clueless builders asked, "How do I fix it?".

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