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Fire hazards of radiant OSB

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Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Reflective-Radiant-Barriers-As-ignition-source.pdf


Today's 4 yr old house has it. Should I write it up?

The roof panels have a thin layer of aluminum attached to one side to give it radiant properties and reduce energy costs but it's electrically conductive and has been found by some to be a fire hazard if lightning should strike the house. You should replace it with regular APA-rated OSB roof sheathing.

Won't be cheap, that's why I pause.

It reminds me of CSST. It's a hazard because it's conductive and can't safety handle the current of a lightning strike.


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The document is 4 years old as far as I can tell. I would think there would be more evidence and uproar if metal radiant barriers were a big risk. I'm not saying it is not a problem, I just don't know that much about it.

I'm in a high lightening area (as defined by the CSST criteria) and there have been hundreds of thousands of new homes built locally over the past 10 years but I have never heard of a problem. Anyone else have more on this subject?

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