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2006 ASHI Conference in Ft. Lauderdale

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I'm in, and probably for the ICC course as well. I'm thinking I'll brush up when I can between now and then, take the course, and do the certification exam when I get back. Gotta have it as part of the requirements to do new construction here.

Anyone heard from Chad at all? He was talking about going earlier this year, but I haven't seen him posting anywhere for a while now.

Brian G.

Ah the sun, the sand, my lily-white legs... [:-bigeyes [:-paperba

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Doesn't look like I'll be there. TAREI will be having its winter conference at the end of Jan. and Dr. Joe will be the guest speaker. The Boss said I had to pick one conference..[:(] The IRC classes sounded a little weak...perhaps because I'm already certified, I dunno. Besides, Dr. Joe is a hard act to pass up.

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