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Guess the cost to replace this roof.

Mark P

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This beautiful house was built in 1928 and is 6000 Sq Ft to include the finished basement. The seller is having the old slate roof replaced with a new slate roof. She has already contracted the work to begin later this month. Take a guess at the cost to replace this slate roof.

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According to the current owner $104,000 is the cost for replacement. I did not get any details on the materials, I have the feeling she would not know or care anyway. People with this kind of money just want it to look good (first) and not leak (second).

I'd like to get a hold of some of the material being removed. I could put it on my shed, make a bird house, coasters, all sorts of little projects.

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Yesterday I inspected a house that is about 2800 S.F. They had a new slate roof installed 5 years ago. Vermont type slate, paid for by insurance. The owner said he thought the cost was somewhere between 150 and 180K.

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