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Amerispec inspection today


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I dealt with an inspector today on a job from amerispec,The guy did a good job writing up some un bonded trac pipe on a furnace and water heater,and a 30a 2p breaker on some#12 feeding a condensing unit.

Ya see I give credit where its due when things are done right.[;)]

You want to swap dumbass home inspector stories for dumbass tradesman stories one for one? Cause we could do that. There wouldn't be much point to it, but we could do it.

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Just curious... how did you determine that the 30A two pole on a #12 wire was wrong?


I did not read that he said the insp did it wrong.

He says the inspector "wrote it up".

I was going to remain silent, being no expert on the NEC.

In some cases a 30 amp breaker with #12/2 cable would be permitted on AC.

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