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Car signs made me a target

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Got a message tonight from someone claiming I hit their car with my door. He wanted my insurance info or "he would take further action."

I called him back to find out he is the turkey with the POS Mazda that parked too close to me. He claims there is a big dent in his car and he has a witness who claims we laughed when we hit his car. Not even a scratch on our car.

His story smells foul. His car is worth less than my deductible. I told him to go ahead and call the cops.

I really hate being a target because my name and number are on my rides. How would you have handled it?

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First thing I'd do is take pictures of your car, right now, with your smartphone. Records date and time. Take pics all around, if you have a perfect (scratches/dings/etc wise) car that shows no impact anywhere on corners or doors.

If they file respond saying you know full well you didn't do it, you knew full well you were a target of a scam as soon as they called, and you went out and took the pictures not knowing what else to do.

Not sure much else can be done.. :

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Big dent? Then there must be something on your car too, where it hit. Phases is right. I'd add information on the elevation from the ground of any dents on the outside corner of your car doors. No dents on your doors, let the guy burn his time and money on a wild goose chase.


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