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Electric tankless water/heaters


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Wasn't sure where to post this.

Anyone have any experience with these things? Obviously I'm looking for leaks, but the one I just ran into was installed inside (behind the sheetrock) the wall underneath a basement bar/sink. Temp was running in excess of 130F. and there was no way to lower it w/o opening the wall. Seems like a heating element that hot would be a fire hazard. It's electric and must be tied in to the circuit(no plug or switch).

The whole instalation seems wrong to me but electrical is my big weakness I'm working on.

Any coments would help.

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thanks that's great. I measured the temp at the faucet. It was immediately hot to nearly scalding and I made mention of it to learn there was an electric heater involved. I checked under the sink and it's not visable, apparently placed in the wall. I could not track any wiring or where it tied into the plumbing. However there is a washroom/mud room opposite the shared wall. Nothing though I suspect the wall had been padded out. Obviously it's not servicable if needed.

I'm a newb at this and I'm taking a mentor to get settled in, so I was tagging along. The inspector didn't seem more concered than just making a note of it. Something just didn't seem right to me so good time to educate myself.

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Like I said, "limited experience", I have maybe run across 5 electric ones. I bought a Bosch propane model back in the mid 1980's. It was a piece of crap. Had a flow sensor that would shut the unit down if water flow was low. Try to take a shower (mixing cold and hot) and the unit would constantly turn on and off. Hopefully they are better these days.

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Well, you could definitely cook Ramen noodles with this water.

I'm assuming(yet again, I'll get to researching what you provided Hausdok) it's roughly the same as those hot/cold watercoolers. I found a trade magazine at work, Building Component Magazine, and apparently there are now industrial size as well as portable units and eemax is soliciting builders in some areas, which gets me to wondering. The house I ran into this was a 5 year old track builder.

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